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About Us

Brandon's Legacy

Brandon Egert tragically passed away on March 14th, 2021 at the young age of 24.  We created this foundation in his name to honor his legacy and to help those who suffer from the same mental health illnesses. Brandon was a beacon of shining light and a deeply caring soul who significantly impacted the lives of so many people around him, including random acts of kindness he offered to complete strangers.  He was many things to those who knew him — intelligent, kind, talented, understanding, empathetic and mostly, the most hilarious person they ever met. While his passing has left all who knew him fractured, the honor of knowing him also allows all of us to heal a little quicker.  Whatever lies ahead, we are each better simply because we knew Brandon -- the magic moments we shared with him, the memories of him we cling to and the knowledge of how many people he touched in such a short time in this world.

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Our Mission

The Brandon Egert Foundation was established in order to honor him and help those who suffer from the same mental illnesses that he did. We plan to donate to charities, both national and local, that are focused on causes that may have helped him and could help others like him.  Our focus is on depression, mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

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